Nothing is more important in television news than the speed with which you can turn a story around and get it on air, and nothing accelerates your existing news workflows faster than Current. Our complete suite of tools and technologies integrate video content inside your Newsroom Computer System to deliver winning results.
Current allows your news team to begin working with incoming content directly from their desktops the moment it arrives and play immediately to air without transcoding delays. With content viewing and clip trimming inside your NRCS, Current brings certainty to content selection and rundown accuracy. Current directly integrates video into the newsroom workflow.


  • Automated ingest and proxy creation for incoming video feeds and files
  • Ability to begin working with and editing video immediately after beginning ingest
  • Direct interfaces to common video delivery services eliminates transfers and transcoding
  • MOS integration with newsroom computer systems
  • Plug-in to provide video browsing and editing directly in the NRCS
  • Integration with non-linear edit systems and direct support for NLE video formats
  • Collaborative edit and production environment accelerates content creation and publishing
  • Searchable metadata management for all video content speeds discovery and production
  • Shared centralized enterprise video storage and asset management
  • Robust SQL database and archive management
  • Play directly to air with direct control from production switcher or automation
  • Non-proprietary, open architecture extends capabilities and longevity of technology

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