About David Bowes

Owner at BroadStream Group, consisting of BroadStream Solutions, Inc., in the USA and Screen Subtitling Systems, Ltd., England.

BroadStream’s Approach to Setting Long Term Goals

Great Leaders have the ability to align all of the positive energy within their company and point it towards a common goal. The best way to do this is to use long term goals to create a plan which clearly sets out measurements and targets which everyone can understand and identify with.  NASA once struggled with twelve mission statements ranging from education, research and sharing knowledge, to exploration, etc. President [...]

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BroadStream Adopts Continuous Improvement Strategy

The manufacturing industry latched onto Continuous Improvement as a philosophy three decades ago. Led by the Japanese in the 1980’s, western businesses were quickly forced to follow suit or fold. Continuous Improvement is now well recognized as a way of working in many industries. Starting from the top, and working down through the organization, there are well tried and established processes that represent good practice. Despite the fact that the [...]

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