BroadStream Solutions, Inc., is excited to announce the release of our CompuSat Plug-In for schedule-based control of CompuSat by our flagship automation solution, OASYS Integrated Playout.  
OASYS Integrated Playout combines graphics, scheduling and playout in a single, software-based solution that provides broadcasters with flexibility, resilience and reliability with a pathway to future migration that is more cost-effective than traditional hardware-based, master control systems.
Available as a plug-in for OASYS Integrated Playout, the BroadStream Solutions OASYS / CompuSat module provides both Manual and Scheduled control of the Switcher Router Position, Receiver Source, Satellite Source, Transponder Source, and Antenna source.  The CompuSat Plug-In will also allow for scheduling offsets and provide sourcing and tuning status from the CompuSat Control device.
By integrating the CompuSat features with Maker, BroadStream’s recording and encoding solution, broadcasters can import recording schedules from their Traffic systems or manually prepared schedules from a spreadsheet or text-based schedule to streamline their content recording.
Manual recordings can also be prepared easily using the scheduling system built into Maker so an operator can quickly set up a recording and associate the event with the proper Receiver, Satellite, Transponder and Antenna source to pick up last minute content as needed.
CompuSat Control, by Image Communications, partners with leading automation vendors to provide the industry’ solutions for satellite automation in the television broadcast industry. Most of the major players in all of the major markets in the United States and around the world use CompuSat for their satellite control and automation and BroadStream is pleased to provide our own integration for BroadStream customers.
 This effort continues our long-standing tradition of adapting to market and customer requirements in the countries in which we operate around the globe.
The BroadStream Solutions OASYS Control Plug-In is another feature in the OASYS product line that will streamline Broadcast Operations workflow. For more information about this new module please reach us from our Contact page or contact the BroadStream Sales Director in your region.