By: Trenton Mengel, Director of Engineering at KTSF

I manage the technical operations for KTSF, the only independent television station within the top 10 DMA’s in America and, we produce the only local, live Chinese language newscasts in the United States.

Just like most stations we are faced with many operational challenges, none are more consuming than figuring out what to do with our aging master control infrastructure while dealing with the daunting task of moving our transmission chain as a result of the FCC’s repack initiative.

I started the process earlier this year at NAB2017. My focus was on next generation solutions, specifically channel-in-a-box-like products. My goal/hope was to find a single vendor to replace my existing traditional master control solution of a separate video server, automation, graphics and switching solution.

After extensive due-diligence I selected the OASYS Integrated Playout solution from BroadStream Solutions. I was impressed by the system’s seamless integration, and software, all organically developed by BroadStream. 

With the repacking quickly approaching I needed a smooth and seamless deployment. Fortunately, that is exactly what I have experienced. 

BroadStream is big on process, from pre-sales engineering to a detailed statement of work and project management that provides a single point of contact throughout the installation and commissioning. My project manager, Chuck Jones, was very pro-active scheduling calls to review progress even though there were relatively few issues to address. My project engineer, David Porter, performed the commissioning and on-site training as well as post-commissioning follow-up that really helped us become comfortable with the new system and workflows.KTSF Enjoys the BroadStream Experience

I recognized system ROI from the very beginning as it took, literally, just a few minutes to transfer the existing automation Metadata database to the OASYS system. 

There would be no re-prepping of our existing files.  The dual 10gig ports on the servers enabled us to transfer 17TB of files extremely fast.  Once the legacy video server files were transferred they played natively without transcoding, and saved us countless hours.

Our programming department is “head-over-heels” with our simplified program ingest and workflow that avoids many of the tedious steps required by our legacy system. Plus, the ability to handle open captioning in Chinese fonts is also huge for us as you might guess.

There are a number of features that make OASYS the right solution for KTSF such as, the integrated complex graphics, the capability to check file compatibility prior to landing on the player, the built-in redundancy of both server play-out and automation play lists, the multi-channel web client that allows us to control the system from any location with a network connection and many more.  But, I don’t have time to delineate them all as I need to get on with the FCC repack!

Thank you for delivering peace of mind, BroadStream!