BroadStream Solutions is pleased to announce a new software feature that will soon allow operators to preview both EIA-608 and EIA-708 Closed Captions in the VGA Preview window of the OASYS Browser application. The new feature is in the final stages of QC and will be available in an upcoming software release.

Previously, closed-captioning functionality was only possible with an SDI-capable Browser workstation which, due to increased hardware requirements, also increased costs for our customers. Now, BroadStream customers will be able to check captions in the VGA Preview window of the Browser application.

As the broadcast industry continues its fast-paced evolution, new technology trends like IP and Cloud coupled with the constant demand for more cost-effective IT based solutions, instead of purpose-built hardware, has enabled this functionality to become available at exactly the right time for BroadStream customers.

Tom Cummings, WBGU on BroadStream

In addition to viewing Closed Captioning in the Browser VGA Preview window, the newest version of Browser software will also allow users to select which Closed Captioning language to preview, on the fly, and to switch between languages, as needed, without any re-configuration or application restarts. This helps improve productivity since quality control capabilities are enhanced by significant time savings.

The minimum requirements call for a Matrox card (codec or SDI-capable card) to be installed in the OASYS Browser workstation. The first release of this new functionality will enable operators to preview CC1 and CC2 EIA-608 captions and S1-S6 EIA-708 captions. Support for CC3 and CC4 EIA-608 captions, as well as, XDS is planned for a future release.

Continuing our Company tradition and respecting our values, we are happy to announce that this feature will be offered at no additional cost to existing customers that have previously purchased Browser software on workstations equipped with Matrox hardware and are under a current BroadStream support agreement.

Browser is an optional module that provides media file and metadata review and modification on a Windows client PC or a full SDI server. Operators can review files and set trim information and check to see how a file will look with different aspect ratio settings, as well as confirm closed captioning in the VGA Preview window.

Browser can also be used to create and edit metadata for files saved as an XML side-car file in the same folder as the media being reviewed. This metadata can then be used by OASYS Player to override the default trim-in/out values used or to allow loading of trim in/trim out points for segmented file playback. Metadata entered via Browser is also commonly used for on screen branding, such as NOW/NEXT/LATER, or providing other on screen information about a playing clip.

We would like to say, “thank you”, to our customers who provided valuable feedback and assistance on functionality requirements and operation parameters to our Development team during this process. Customer feedback is always appreciated and used to make our software better.

To hear more about one of our great customers, be sure to watch our video on KMOS-TV as Josh Tomlinson, General Manager explains how BroadStream’s OASYS Integrated Playout has helped KMOS improve playout and operations.