As a Playout Provider, you must be flexible, fast, efficient and scalable to accommodate the playout needs of each and every client. BroadStream Solutions is proven to be all of these things with multi-channel installs at scores of playout operation centers across the globe.

BroadStream’s OASYS Integrated Playout platform has a reputation for providing reliable and resilient solutions with multiple levels of redundancy to meet your strictest requirements. The OASYS solution has extensive branding and graphics capabilities and a large portfolio of traffic system protocols.

You can spin up a new channel in minutes, not hours or days because OASYS is a software platform with architecture designed to make it easy to launch a new channel or reconfigure an existing channel.

PCCW Hong Kong Playout Provider
“I have never had to tell a customer their request is impossible when it comes to playout with OASYS”

“We can confidently offer high SLA levels and I can honestly say that as far as the traditional SDI chain goes, OASYS is rock solid. We have the best playout platform in the world, coupled with the best support.”

“The OASYS platform was just what we were looking for. Not only does it provide multi-channel playout of live and pre-recorded content with broadcast quality graphics from a single IT server; the system can also dynamically manage channel redundancy with 1:1, M:1 and/or M:N configurations with channel prioritization. For us this reliability and resilience were absolutely imperative in our purchasing decision.”
Alan Chan - VP Broadcast Operations & Engineering, PCCW