Case Studies on various customers and their unique installations will be published to share information with our users so that others may benefit from discovering how different facilities use BroadStream’s playout solutions. Our thanks to Levira for allowing us to share information on how they use and depend on OASYS Integrated Playout to serve their customers.

Levira provides playout and media services from one of the largest playout centres in Northern Europe. Levira also provides broadcast transmission services over terrestrial networks across Estonia and data-centre and cloud computing services. Levira values customer and quality oriented culture powered by honesty, innovation and passion for results.

SD/HD Playout with no limits
Levira’s state-of-the-art fully automated playout system equips the company with the utmost flexibility, so it is possible to offer custom-made services with virtually no limits.

The Challenge


When Estonia was in the middle of a switch from analogue to digital broadcast in the beginning of the new millennium, Levira seized the opportunity to expand its portfolio of broadcast services, and decided to launch a new playout centre for its growing Scandinavian, Baltic and Central European customer base. Although newcomers to playout, Levira started with the launch of a fairly complex HD channel for a Scandinavian distributor, entrusting BroadStream Solutions to be its playout partner of choice.  At that time, it was a bold move to implement the new software-based OASYS playout platform that used commodity hardware, but Levira hasn’t looked back since and now has the capacity to playout more than 50 channels.

With a history spanning 90 years, Levira has been in the broadcast business for longer than most.  The predecessor of Levira began regular radio broadcasting back in 1926 and television broadcasting in 1955, adding more services over the decades as new technologies emerged.

“For traditional SDI based playout there is nobody else in the world who I would trust with my needs”

Levira Engineer

Key Requirements

  • Reliability of equipment and trust-worthy suppliers
  • A system that requires minimal intervention
  • A high quality performance, whilst keeping the cost of ownership low
  • Create additional channels easily


The Set Up
Levira contracted Finnish Systems Integrator, Mediatrade, to design and install the new playout centre, and they promptly recommended BroadStream’s OASYS fully integrated playout platform. All of Levira’s transmission chains were heavily dependent on discrete hardware up until then so it was an audacious and daring move to employ a software-based playout platform that was lesser-known than competing channel-in-a-box systems of the time.

The teams worked on a very aggressive schedule and within 2 months, NonStop Television’s Silver HD channel, complete with DVB subtitles, complex graphics and Dolby audio was the first to launch — an interesting project for a company that had no previous direct experience in playout.

Since then, Levira has secured business for the playout of an additional 30+ channels, with the capacity to run more than 50 channels altogether. And, because the platform’s architecture is so flexible, new channels can be added within the space of a few weeks.

“I have never had to tell a customer their request is impossible when it comes to playout with OASYS”

Levira’s playout service has continuously evolved thanks to BroadStream’s dedicated development team who added new functionality and features to the OASYS platform.

“99% of the time, if we need to achieve something new that a customer specifically asks for, BroadStream has already started work on a foundation for the added functionality”

Playout workflow

Levira’s playout service is server-based with full, automated redundancy and includes playout of file-based content according to the playlist. This deployment provides maximum up-time and service continuity.

OASYS enables Levira to deliver highly impactful on-screen graphics for channel branding; lower thirds, crawl and scrolls and logos, also utilizing metadata from the playlist to automatically create on-screen updates for Now, Next, Later promos. The system also provides simple animated screen graphics, or a small on-screen advertising for promotional reasons.

  • HD, SD or HD/SD simulcast playout
  • On screen graphic (screen-bug, texts, crawls, etc.)
  • Automatically created on-screen menus, according to playlist metadata
  • Logging
  • Ad insertion and opt-out
  • Time-delay
  • Live news feeds from XML, RSS or SMS feeds

Levira’s fully automated OASYS playout system provides the utmost flexibility, allowing custom-tailored services for every client’s specific needs. There are no limits – from a basic simple SD service to a complex HD service with Dolby Surround, DVB subtitles, stunning graphics and simultaneous play-out in SD as well as any other features a modern TV channel may require.

“We can confidently offer high SLA levels and I can honestly say that as far as the traditional SDI chain goes, OASYS is rock solid. We have the best playout platform in the world, coupled with the best support.”