The ARMADA Time Delay Server is a fixed time delay solution that provides multiple options to automatically time shift or delay live programming for up to 10 days for:

  • Time Zone Delays
  • Regional Delays
  • Quality Assurance, and
  • Disaster Recovery

Perfect for recording live feeds you need to capture and delay on a consistent basis.


  • Quick installation
  • Unattended operation
  • No administration after boot up
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Saves time and man hours

ARMADA Time Delay takes live inputs from SDI, SDI/IP or IP and outputs over SD-SDI or HD-SDI. You can delay programming for up to 10 days and update graphics that are more time appropriate for the delay such as time and temperature or other time sensitive information.

ARMADA Time Delay Server

With the “DELAY-OUT” option use the same Time Delay Server to play multiple time delay outputs from the same input and each can have the same or different delay. Additional SDI or Virtual outputs can be added to the Time Delay Server with the same or different delay and/or overlay.
Multiple delays are also possible on the same server (diagram top right) with an optional single fixed, graphic overlay on each delayed output. This feature provides huge flexibility depending on the number of inputs and outputs in your system. As an example:

  • Take a single input and output 4 different delays, each with a different logo.
  • Take 2 inputs and output to 2 outputs each with different time delay configurations.
The system comes pre-configured and is ready to go with very minimal set-up. Specifications will vary based on storage, inputs and outputs and other requirements so contact your BroadStream Representative or Partner for a full description and configuration for your specific needs.
ARMADA Time Delay IO Configurations
Download the latest ARMADA Time Delay Server datasheet.