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Hundreds of TV Broadcasters across the globe are reaping the rewards that come with relying on BroadStream Solutions’ OASYS Integrated Playout platform to improve playout performance and enhance the branding of their TV channels.

TV Network giants that operate globally to national broadcasters, to local single/dual channel/call letter stations have found BroadStream’s software-based, modular solutions to be the easiest, most flexible automated playout solution available. We combine automation, playout and graphics with other specialty broadcast tools into a single integrated playout platform can be readily tailored to any specific situation from a single channel playout application to a fully integrated, multi-channel broadcast facility including virtualization for cloud deployments.

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KLRU-TV PBS Station Austin, TX
“We will gain a significant amount of flexibility with the OASYS integrated graphics capabilities. The task of building custom promos and tagging content will be fully automated so that program editors can focus on content and more important duties”.

Chris Ostertag, Director of Technology, KLRU-TV PBS Austin, TX
“There were quite a few potential providers, but there was no single vendor that could deliver all of our criteria on one software-based platform. It was only when we started talking to BroadStream about the OASYS integrated playout system that we knew we’d found ‘the one’.”
Tom Cummings-Technical Services Director, WBGU-TV PBS