Over 60 Years of Combined, Hands-On Knowledge and Experience


Herbert Brenninkmeijer

In Memory of Herbert Brenninkmeijer

Beloved Chairman of the Board, BroadStream Solutions


On Sunday April 19th 2020 the world lost a lot of its color as our Chairman, founder and dear friend Herbert Brenninkmeijer finally succumbed to his fight against cancer.

Herbert will always be remembered for his positive spirit, his warmth and energy, and his care and concern for others. More…


These are trying times for us all and we hope you, your families and co-workers are keeping safe and healthy.

BroadStream is following all recommended guidelines for the health and safety of our team members, customers and partners and we remain open with most of our team working from their homes.

We recognize that the broadcast business must continue to function to deliver news, entertainment and education for everyone as we shelter in place, practice good social distancing and work to flatten the COVID-19 curve, so we continue to operate in this “new normal” to support our broadcasters and content providers with:

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Remote training and configuration assistance
  • Remote assistance with local operations when needed
  • New system configuration and shipping with remote commissioning and training
  • Sales and Sales Engineering assistance for new projects to support system upgrades and replacements to help our customers avoid on-air problems and interruptions
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To contact Support please send us an email at [email protected]

Playback Assistance
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ROW: +44 203290 4440

Captioning & Subtitling Assistance
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With the acquisition of Screen Subtitling Systems, BroadStream is a new media technology company. We provide live and file-based playout, time delay, captioning and subtitling solutions. Our 60+ years of combined experience includes pioneering channel-in-a-box to integrated playout with OASYS and the first ever electronic subtitling system developed by Screen in 1976.

working at computers
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BroadStream helps broadcasters prepare and play their programming with an integrated playout solution, that utilizes software instead of purpose-built hardware. Our preparation functionality includes:

  • Captioning and subtitling
  • Program ingest
  • Easy cuts-editing and segmenting
  • Automatic workflows
  • Playlist processing
  • Media collection and more…

Our Core Products

Linear Playout

OASYS Integrated Playout is designed for broadcasters to deliver high quality, efficient playout. We simplify operations by integrating file preparation, including captioning & subtitling, graphics, scheduling, playout, recording and switching in one unique software architecture that streamlines workflow to improve operations and on-air presentation.


We are very pleased to offer solutions for content creators that cover both broadcasters and non-broadcasters for captioning and subtitling. Broadcasters can benefit from our full range of products that cover subtitling, encoding, reversioning and monitoring products, as well as, our new AI-based, live captioning solution, VoCaption, to create captions and subtitles live and on the fly for a variety of program uses including breaking news, emergency captioning, and more.

Content creators in post-production, corporate, education and government will benefit from our subtitling creation software, as well as, VoCaption for live meetings and presentations and a new AI-based solution for file-based captioning to be announced soon.

Time Delay

BroadStream offers several options for broadcasters who need to delay program playout:

  • Record a fixed time delay from a single live input for playout to a single program output. This is a separate application, called ARMADA, and is designed for unattended operation.

  • Record a live input(s) for a rolling 24-hour period with the ability to adjust your time delay events for a variable time delay.

  • Record and replay with user specified time delays or replay on demand. This is used with OASYS PLAYER only and is not intended to be run as a standalone application.

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What Our Clients Are Saying


I recognized system ROI from the very beginning as it took, literally, just a few minutes to transfer the existing automation Metadata database to the OASYS system. There would be no re-prepping of our existing files.  The dual 10gig ports on the servers enabled us to transfer 17TB of files extremely fast.  Once the legacy video server files were transferred they played natively without transcoding, and saved us countless hours…

Trenton MengelDirector of Engineering


This was a very smooth commissioning project. The OASYS system was able to scan our Sundance database and collect the important metadata and saved us endless hours of time in preparing content for the new system. In addition, the platform has a smaller footprint, is less costly to operate and improves our flexibility, which helps operationally as we schedule more unmanned hours in Master Control…

Keith MartinGeneral Manager & Director of Technology


This was a big change for us and our BroadStream Project Engineer worked with us from beginning to end to configure the system, work out the kinks and help us get ready for the launch. The OASYS platform gives us much more capability and flexibility than our previous master control system, which helps tremendously as we move to more unmanned hours in Master Control…

Joe GlynnVice President of Engineering at WVIA


The OASYS platform was just what we were looking for. Not only does it provide multi-channel playout of live and pre-recorded content with broadcast quality graphics from a single IT server; the system can also dynamically manage channel redundancy with 1:1, M:1 and/or M:N configurations with channel prioritization. For us, this reliability and resilience were absolutely imperative in our purchasing decision…

Alan ChanVP Broadcast Operations & Engineering, PCCW

KOCT-Oceanside, CA

Oceanside Community Services Television Corp, KOCT, purchased a BroadStream Solutions, OASYS Broadcast Television Integrated Playout system in 2017.

Using the simple installation and connection documentation provided, KOCT engineers installed and connected the equipment. The system was fully functional within hours after BroadStream’s field engineers arrived to finalize the installation…

Bill PetersChief Engineer, KOCT-Oceanside, CA

LATV-Los Angeles

LATV delivers locally produced content to its owned and operated KJLA, KXLA and KVMD channels, as well as affiliates across the USA. Currently the network uses two different workflows, at separate locations within the same facility, that each constitute separate servers, automation and scheduling systems, along with two separate playout operator teams, each producing different file types.

As these separate, dedicated pieces of broadcast hardware were end-of-life, LATV replaced them with BroadStream’s OASYS Integrated Playout platform…

LATV-Los Angeles

A Few Of Our Valued Customers