KUAC ADOPTS OASYS announcement

KUAC-TV 9 Fairbanks PBS Replaces Sundance Automation with OASYS Integrated Playout

Atlanta, GA, USA – July 26, 2019

Leading integrated playout systems specialist, BroadStream Solutions, is pleased to announce that PBS station KUAC-TV9, Fairbanks, Alaska went live recently with BroadStream’s OASYS Integrated Playout as their broadcast automation solution.

KUAC’s OASYS Integrated Playout System, sold by Advanced Broadcast Solutions (now part of Key Code Media) includes 5 playout channels with Extended Graphics capability and Secondary Recording. The system is supported by a 1+1 Redundancy Manager on the Main channel and Time Delay using “OASYS Time Play” for their Kids channel.

KUAC’s ingest solution includes 4 HD Maker ingest channels with a 32TB NAS with Indexing Services. OASYS also integrated with Myers Protrack BXF Traffic system and Myers Media Asset Management solution supported by a CUC Archive System for KUAC’s content library.

“This was a very smooth commissioning project”, according to Keith Martin, General Manager & Director of Technology & Engineering at KUAC. “The OASYS system can scan the Sundance database and collect the important metadata saving endless hours of time in preparing content for the new system. In addition, the platform provides a smaller footprint, is less costly to operate and improves our flexibility, which helps operationally as we schedule more unmanned hours in Master Control. The Team from BroadStream was with us every step of the way including help with an emergency cutover when problems arose with our existing system only days into our shadowing period; we completely switched systems in just a few minutes and didn’t miss a beat.”

KUAC-TV 9 was the first public television station operating in the 49th state so Alaskans would have the same opportunities as other Americans. The station broadcasts at 30kW from Bender Mountain and is also seen on translators in Delta, Healy and Nenana and on GCI Cable and Dish. On June 1, 2004 KUAC-DT (digital television) began broadcasting the state’s first High Definition Public Television service 24 hours each day.

“We welcome KUAC as part of the BroadStream Family,” said David Bowes, President and CEO of BroadStream. They’ve been great to work with. Their values, heritage and mission are very important to our team and we look forward to working with, and supporting, them for many years to come.”

About KUAC PBS Fairbanks, AK
KUAC operates radio and television stations from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. We create radio and television programming that is thought provoking, trustworthy and even life changing – connecting Alaska to the world and the world to Alaska. Our mission; One voice can share a single challenging idea and begin a thoughtful dialog. At KUAC, we give voice to these ideas which results in a larger discussion and a better understanding of our world. Through this vision, change is inspired, people take action and lives are improved. We strive to achieve our mission and vision by casting all decisions and actions against the values of Independence, Integrity, Community, Education and Sustainability.
About BroadStream Solutions
BroadStream Solutions (www.broadstream.com) specializes in the playout of linear television channels for broadcasters, networks, service providers and cable and satellite operations around the globe. Our 25 plus years of expertise in broadcast is focused on developing leading edge solutions that are software-based and consistently deliver flexibility, dependability, improved workflows and operational efficiency for our clients and customers around the world. Our solutions scale from single channel government and commercial playback to multi-channel PBS and commercial broadcasters, as well as, large multi-channel system’s providers operating hundreds of channels world-wide.
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