OASYS Integrated Playout Adds New Features to User Experience

OASYS Integrated Playout

OASYS Integrated Playout, one of our flagship solutions, provides broadcasters of all sizes with scalable playout that delivers maximum flexibility to match your workflow environment and is available in SDI, full IP and Hybrid to match your operational requirements. In 2022, the OASYS software team has delivered multiple new versions on a regular cadence with each version including new features to enhance your user experience. Here’s a recap of just a few:

Media Library, HUB, Logger

  • OASYS Media Library now supports Kill Dates for media contributed to the system.
  • OASYS HUB now supports the Ross Video Ultrix video routers.
  • Logger has been upgraded from an application to a service with auto-restart, so the app icon no longer needs to be in the desktop icon tray as it now runs in the background as a service.
  • We now support sending configurable email notifications via Media Library.

Global Media Library, Sender, Graphics Sequence Editor and MultiChannel Web Client

  • Global Media Library supports purging from an XLS spreadsheet.
  • Cue sheets can be converted to side car files to eliminate extra input work.
  • Sender and Sender buttons have been added to MultiChannel Web Client and behaves the same as the stand-alone application.
  • We’ve added Split Commercial and Promo counters to MultiChannel Web Client as well.
  • The OASYS Graphics Sequence Editor now enables masking animation graphics in frame preview. The color used for masking objects or animations is white.

OASYS Player

  • Continue to enhancements for IP support for OAYS Player for input and output streams.
  • Audio normalization is supported with audio streams. Licensing fees apply.
  • Added support for audio normalization per EBU R 128 and BS1770, which helps eliminate the need for some downstream equipment.
  • Added enhanced downscaling capabilities for more file formats and to reduce load on CPU.
  • We continue to expand the number of SCTE trigger elements we support in OASYS and now support splicing for immediate and non-immediate mode in the IP stream output.

OASYS Integrated Playout is part of a suite of Automation solutions for Broadcasters that includes VoCaption, our automated live captioning solutions that uses ASR, Automated Speech Response, to deliver hightly accurated captions and subtitles in real time that achieves accuracy levels in line with human captioners at a fraction of the cost and streamlines your workflow.

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