End of Life Notification on BroadStream Hardware & Software Products

The purpose of this notice is to inform BroadStream/Screen customers that certain hardware, components, and software are at end-of-life (EOL) and can no longer be supported for various reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Replacement parts that are no longer available.
  • Hardware platforms and configurations that have been discontinued by the original manufacturer in lieu of new, improved products.
  • Software that is no longer backward compatible to older hardware.
  • Newer technology that is not compatible.


If you currently have any of the platforms, components or software listed in this notice, please be aware that support for these products will end April 30, 2024.

Renewal notices will continue to be sent out 90 days in advance of your renewal anniversary, but as the months progress, renewal contracts for EOL items will not include 12-month support but be prorated with coverage ending April 2024.

This support plan should provide you with adequate time to plan, budget, and prepare for replacement and avoid any potential on-air problems that may occur due to the age of these items.

Please keep in mind that the global supply chain for technology is still uncertain and lead times are much longer, so we encourage you to act now to avoid any potential problems as these items age out.


Please take the following steps to avoid product or on-air failures:

  1. Determine if any items, from this list, are operational in your facility.
  2. Contact BroadStream Support ([email protected]) or your Sales Director ([email protected]) to request a budgetary proposal to upgrade your facility as soon as possible, and avoid any potential downtime.

Thank you for choosing BroadStream/Screen as your playout and subtitling provider. We value your trust and look forward to supporting your needs into the future and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause as our industry continues to migrate to newer, better solutions.

The complete list of EOL items is listed below:


Item Description
Poliscript 3000 Authoring and QC software for PAC subtitle files
Poliscript 3000 SV3 As above with Software Video Caching capability
MediaMate Enterprise MediaMate within Polistream
Hardware Description
P5000 Server Platform for running Configuration
P4000 Platform for running software modules and Interfaces
A1001 Single ASI Input Unit
A1002 Dual ASI Input Unit
A1004 Four ASI Input Unit
A4001 ASI Single Input and Twin Output Unit
A4002 ASI Dual Input and Twin Output Unit
CC-P4000 Content Control Edit Station
G3000 Digital Graphics Subtitle Inserter
T3000 SDI VBI Inserter
G5000-2U HD-SDI Graphics Generator.
U4000 Polistream Server
CC-U4000 Content Control Edit Station
GPIO Card General Purpose Inputs (8) and Outputs (8) card.
Dazzle/GFX USB Composite Video Input device
Ge Force 210 Graphics Card
HDTC-1 Card Single Channel HD-SDI timecode Card
LTC-1 Card Single Channel LTC Timecode Card
ASI-2 Card Two Input, Two Output ASI Card
UHD-2 Card Dual channel SDI capture card
VANC-1 Card Single Channel HD-SDI Input Card
VANC-2 Card Dual Channel HD-SDI Input Card
VBI-2 Two Channel VBI Input Card
VBI-ASI -1 Single Channel VBI Input Card

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