Forward Thinking Playout Solutions

BroadStream Solutions develops forward-thinking, software-based, integrated playout solutions, like OASYS Integrated Playout, that combine scheduling, playout and graphics in a single, fully-integrated, playout platform.  Our “world class” software improves efficiency, reliability and operational dependability while enhancing both image and profitability for broadcasters worldwide.

With over 25 years of expertise in the broadcast industry we strive every day to consistently deliver flexibility, dependability, improved workflows and operational efficiency for our clients and customers.

We specialize in the playout of linear television channels and playout tools for broadcasters, networks, cable, satellite and television channels around the globe. Our driving force is empowering our customers by developing easy to use, modular-based software that is easy to configure, scales quickly and is tailored to their specific needs.

Our solutions include OASYS Integrated Playout, our flagship solution that is used by hundreds of TV stations, cable broadcasters and playout providers worldwide. Its unique architecture and design sets it apart in the industry.

OASYS Local provides digital ad insertion and localization to stations that want to increase revenue by appealing specifically to local geographies and communities.

BEACON is our new Streamlined Playout solution for Diginets, closed-circuit, CATV channels and channel limited broadcasters.

ARMADA Time Delay is our hands-free, fixed time delay solution that enables time delays from 0 seconds to 10 full days. It also offers multiple outputs from a single input with different graphics on each output.

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