Great customer stories are important to share because they provide a reference point of how our solutions work and the impressive ways our customers use them.  These stories show that BroadStream Solutions will always champion our customers’ struggles and provide excellent care and consideration to the entire process from the initial requirements stage to the final outcome of playout.  Let us tell your story…

PCCW and nowTV – Hong Kong

“The OASYS platform was just what we were looking for – multi-channel playout of live and pre-recorded content; broadcast quality graphics; single IT server; dynamically manage channel redundancy with 1:1, M:1 and/or M:N configurations with channel prioritization. This reliability and resilience were absolutely imperative in our decision”

PCCW and NowTV - Japan

WHO IS NOW TV “NowTV is the largest pay-TV service provider in Hong Kong in terms of number of subscribers, channels offered, number of HD channels and quantity of VOD content. NowTV is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PCCW, the largest telecom service provider in the city and was the first Pay-TV operator set up by a Telecom Operator in the city. Launched in September 2003, it now provides 197 channels, including 32 HD channels, to over 1.3 million subscribers throughout Hong Kong. Since late 2015, NowTV also offers DVR functionality on 75 channels, SVOD services for select exclusive content such as the British Premier League, and an OTT service, ViuTV, under its parent PCCW”.

PROJECT now TV was looking for a channel-in-a-box (CiaB) solution to replace its traditional master control playout system in time for the new playout services.

KEY REQUIREMENTS now TV needed the ability to play both live and file-based content but wanted a very small hardware footprint that was easy to expand and scale. Channel redundancy and resilience were also of paramount importance and they placed a high priority on quick, responsive support.

WBGU-TV PBS Television

“OASYS was far and away the best choice as it met all of our requirements and BroadStream maintained open communication and delivered everything quickly, on time and as planned which is great and rarely happens with complex systems.”

Tom Cummings Technical Director WBGU TV PBS

WHO IS WBGU – WBGU-TV signed on the air on Monday, Feb. 10, 1964. Since then, WBGU has grown from a small studio in South Hall on the Bowling Green State University campus to a thriving “teleplex” ready to meet the technological challenges of the communications industry in the 21st century.

When it first went on the air, WBGU only broadcast for a couple of hours in the late afternoon and early evening. Now the station has a full 24-hour programming day, with a schedule packed with programs that entertain, educate and inform.

“Since 1964, we’ve been part of the communities we serve; working with residents to make this area a better place in which to live and work. About 4,000 members think of us as a “community asset” and have come to realize that we are truly a “lifelong learning resource.” One of the main differences between WBGU-TV and other commercial stations is our Educational Workshops offered throughout our broadcast area. Another service available at The Tucker Center for Telecommunications is Business Teleconferences and Video Production services.”


A couple of years ago, without much notice, we found out that our broadcast automation system had been condemned to ‘end-of-life’ by the manufacturer. The pressure was suddenly on to find a new solution that would automate playout of our 3 PBS channels.


We had two non-negotiable criteria; budget was number one, closely followed by simplicity. In the 18 years I’ve been at WBGU-TV, if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s not easy to keep it simple.

We needed a solution that would encompass everything; automation, playout and graphics; in the same system to simplify our setup. Continuity was also an issue as we had some very old assets and could not justify the cost of file transcoding. It was also imperative that the new system integrate seamlessly with our traffic system, Myers Protrack.

Arkena – Paris (Playout Operator)

“We pride ourselves on our excellent Service Level Agreement and to help us achieve that we rely on the BroadStream Redundancy Manager to monitor the playout machines’ health.”

WHO IS ARKENA – Arkena is one of Europe’s leading media services companies with 20 years of experience in the media industry. With a presence in eight European countries and the U.S, Arkena serves more than 1500 customers, such as broadcasters, telecom operators, VOD platforms, content owners and corporations in managing their linear and on-demand workflows.

Arkena provides the know-how, the experience and the expertise that enables them to distribute their content everywhere, regardless of scale or complexity. Some of our clients include Fox, Viacom, Canal+, Lagardère and Groupe Villegrain.

Our Playout Services platforms operate more than 60 TV channels on a 24/7 basis and our 150-strong team of technicians carefully monitors our customers’ TV channels to ensure service continuity.

PROJECT A couple of years ago, we were looking for a cost-effective, scalable playout server to provide our customers with a new range of playout services. When we came across the BroadStream OASYS integrated playout server, we knew we had found a very interesting solution. We started to use it for a number of small channels and it worked so well that we began using it for some of our larger customers too, such as the Fox National Geographic channel.

KEY REQUIREMENTS We needed an integrated solution that would also include graphics, subtitle insertion, audio shuffling, redundancy and easy deployment. We undertook a benchmark study and evaluated a range of ‘channel in a box’ solutions.

We are currently running 10 channels on OASYS servers. Each channel uses one server, plus another for redundancy. Once we configured the initial system, we were able to simply replicate the design for all the other servers, which saved us a huge amount of time every time we needed to deploy a new channel. We are now even in a position to pre-build our next server so that we can add a new channel for any of our clients at a moment’s notice. It’s really that easy!

Made Television – UK

“The OASYS playout platform enables better automation, while remaining cost efficient and agile with no costly hardware requirements and, as the license holder for multiple channels, we truly benefit from the economies of scale that the solution allows us to have.”


WHO IS MADE TELEVISION – Made Television is the largest operator of City TV stations in the UK with channels on air in Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds and Tyne & Wear. The channels have a weekly reach of one million viewers and focus on news, sport and entertainment in each city.

Broadcasting 24 hours a day, Made in Bristol, Made in Leeds and Made in Tyne and Wear can be found on Freeview channel 8, Virgin 159 and Sky Guide 117. Made in Cardiff is available on Freeview 23, Virgin 159 and Sky Guide 134.

The OnView catch up player launched in March 2015 providing video on demand services for all four stations.

With an active community on social media, all channels have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account to follow for all the latest news and updates from the teams.

Made in Teesside is set to launch in 2016.

PROJECT With Local TV licenses newly available in the UK License holders had to select a playout solution. A recommended vendor was offered but MADE TV, license holder for four communities felt it would hold them back. They wanted a solution that would enable them to compete on a national scale.

KEY REQUIREMENTS The playout solution had to be sophisticated but easy-to-use software, cost effective hardware was a key consideration along with the ability to scale the system and it needed a graphics solution that was professional and automated because the system needed to run on its own while the MADE TV production teams focused on developing content.

The management team decided on BroadStream’s OASYS Integrated Playout platform. “Working with BroadStream means we are truly able to compete with national broadcasters in terms of having the best and most reliable technical solutions to satisfy both the viewer and the advertiser,” said Jamie Conway, CEO at Made TV. “This is integral to the business, as our shared services model has been developed to allow local teams to focus on making great local content, so the technology simply just needs to work.”

“The OASYS playout platform enables better automation, while remaining cost efficient and agile with no costly hardware requirements and, as the license holder for multiple channels, we truly benefit from the economies of scale that the solution allows us to have”, according to Conway.