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Issue: Player failed to initialize properly.

When starting Player, you see the message (failed to initialize) similar to Error message below:

Player Splash Screen

  • Cause: The Player application was closed incorrectly which caused the playlist database to become corrupted. This is usually caused by OS issues, sudden loss of power, various hardware issues or user actions.
  • Resolution: Go to C:\ProgramData\OASYS\OASYS Player\Channel X (x represents the instance of Player with a problem). Delete the OASYSPlayer.data file. Note that this action will wipe out the entire playlist so it must be rebuilt.

Issue: Local Media Library service shows an ISILON share error as part of a watch folder but the service is only detecting new files dropped in the root folder and does not detect any files dropped into the subfolders.

Cause: ISILON share settings are set to “not send” notifications for any change that occurs on subfolders.

Resolution: Change the ISILON settings for the share in question by changing: Advanced settings -> Advanced SMB Share Settings -> Performance Settings -> Change Notify. It must be changed to “All” (default parameter is “Norecurse”). After changing the setting you must restart OASYSMLService.

Issue: Missing File(s)

A required playout file is in the NAS but is not being transferred to the playout server. Please check the the following items to determinate the possible cause:

  • Use Media Library Client to see if the file is available on the NAS; check good, bad and ignored files.
  • If the file is bad, re-process the file and check it again.
    • If the file is bad on the second try to upload the bad file to the Support FTP site and report the issue to BroadStream Support.
  • If the file cannot be found on the NAS in the Media Library Client use Windows Explorer to search for the file. Confirm that the file is in the proper folder (under LML), rename the file and check again in the Media Library Client to see if it is visible.
    • If the file is good than check to see if it has copied over to the Playout server.
    • If the file is bad please upload it to the FTP server and report to BroadStream Support.
  • If the file is on the NAS and is in the list of “good” files, check to see if it copied to the Playout server. Use Windows Explorer to determine if the file is on the Playout server.
    • If it is under the LML watch folder please make sure that it is located in the list of good, bad or ignored files.
    • Re-process this file using ML Client and re-check to see if it is now available in Player server.
    • If file is bad or ignored, upload the file to the FTP support site and report the issue to BroadStream Support.