OASYS Integrated Playout is a software platform designed specifically for television broadcasters to deliver high quality, efficient playout that is easy-to-use, very flexible, highly scalable and extremely reliable.

We simplify operations by integrating playout, scheduling and graphics in one unique software architecture that streamlines workflow to improve your on-air presentation. Using commodity-based IT hardware allows you to control costs and be less dependent on “purpose-built” hardware. Applications are designed to run both independently or as part of a larger networked system to provide the flexibility to build systems from a simple channel in a box all the way up to large multi-channel solutions. Each software module operates independently to increase resilience and reliability. System architecture is designed to be simple and incorporate optional software modules to tailor your solution with just the functionality needed for each channel.

  • Full-featured channel playout solution
  • Available in SDI; SDI-IP Hybrid or full IP I/O
  • Multiple live inputs for live feed transitions and DVEs
  • Support for a wide range of native file formats with mixed format back-to-back playout
  • Up/down/cross conversion of both live inputs and files
  • SD, HD, IP output on same server with independent graphics
  • Powerful multi-layer CG and graphics capabilities
  • N+M playout redundancy for cost effective robustness and scalability
  • Fully integrated automation, media server and playout in a single chassis
  • Frame-accurate responsive manual control for live event switching
  • Channel output recording with or without graphics for future airing
Hardware is available in 1 or 3RU server platforms, up to 4 playout channels per server. Customers may supply their own hardware as long as it meets the following specifications:

  • Chassis: SuperMicro SuperChassis 835 R920B (Black) with 8 – removable 3.5″ drive bays
  • Hot-Swap Drive Bay: Mobile Rack 2.5″ SATA 4-Bays (Black ) for 2 x 2.5″ OS drives.
  • Motherboard: SuperMicro X10DAi
  • Heatsink: SNK-POO48P
  • CPU (Hexa-Core): Intel Xeon E5-2620 (2.0G 15M Cache, 2.00GHz, 7.20GT/s QPI. Faster CPU’s may be required for multi-instance systems or those using streaming connections.
  • RAM: Hynix 2GB DDR-3-1600MHz (PC3-12800) registered EEC (for 32GB total)
  • Graphics Adapter: x16 PCI-e Graphics card with minimum of 512MB of onboard memory, 1GB onboard memory preferred.
  • RAID Controller: Minimum 8 port SAS/SATA 6Gb/s controller with RAID 50/6 support
  • Battery Backup for RAID Controller: Recommended; not essential.
  • Connection Cables: Mini -SAS SFF-8807 to SATA/SAS fanout cable required for LSI RAID controller listed as example above.
  • OS Drive: Minimum 128GB, SATA 3GB/s, 2.5″ Solid-State Drive (SSD). Enterprise Class SATA 2.5″ may be an acceptable alternative but may result in longer boot times.
  • Media Drive: Enterprise Class SAS/SATA Storage Drive 3.5″ minimum 500GB minimum 64MB Cache minimum 7200rpm 3Gb/s. 128MB Cache, 6Gb/s recommended for HD systems (compulsory for complex or multi-instance systems). Consumer grade hard disks are not permitted. Connected to PCI RAID Controller and configured in RAID 50.
  • Operating System: Playout/Ingest: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional x64 (can use Server but higher cost). Indexing Servers: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 RS STD x64.
  • Schedule creation, insertion and appending
  • Append without interruption
  • Trim edits
  • Edit effects
  • Transition effects
  • Save as template
  • Live event insertion
  • Automatic Gap Filler Schedule from text file
  • Audio leveling
  • Graphics insertion and positioning
  • Cut, copy and paste
  • Drag and drop
  • Group Level scheduling
  • Programmable Hotkeys
  • Find and Replace Find Errors Missing Media/Files
  • Live Capture Lists


Graphics Extension

The Graphics functionality within OASYS Player provides high quality graphics and options. The basic Player includes scheduling for a single logo… Read More >>

Multi-Channel Web Client

The Multi-Channel Web Client is an intuitive HTML5 compliant browser interface designed to manage and monitor the OASYS playout automation platform… Read More >>

CompuSat Plug-in

The CompuSat module provides both Manual and Scheduled control of the Broadcast Router Position, Receiver Source, Satellite Source, Transponder Source, and Antenna source.  It will also allow for scheduling offsets and provide source and tuning status from the CompuSat Control device.

BroadStream Media Exchange (BMX)

BroadStream Media Exchange BMX is designed to help US Broadcasters save staff time and effort by eliminating the need to manually add the trim in and trim out points or transcode files from PitchBlue and Pathfire because OASYS Integrated Playout can now play these files from Vigor’s PitchBlue® and ExtremeReach™ Pathfire in their native format. Read More >>

Redundancy Manager

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Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager consolidates important configuration and set-up elements for your system into an optimal configuration template for a variety of channels… Read More >>

Audio Leveling

Automatically control audio gain when playing back file-based content using metadata stored in XML side-car files. Configure the target… Read More >>

Time Delay App

The Time Delay App uses the power of the OASYS Player engine’s TimePlay functionality but with a fixed delay configuration and minimal… Read More >>


Watchdog is a service that provides system health data that is used by the Redundancy Manager to display status and make decisions about failover… Read More >>

Media Manager

OASYS Media Manager integrates with many third party NAS storage solutions that provide standard SMB/CIFS access and file reporting and is used… Read More >>

Global Media Library

A distributed database architecture is used to manage multiple, independent Media Library services on different machines. It creates and maintains… Read More >>

Storage Manager

Automate core functions such as Automatic Housekeeping, Purge-list Processing, Caching from external storage, Archiving, and more… Read More >>


Manager is commonly used to move files into and around an OASYS system. Manager provides a configurable file movement manager to control… Read More >>

File Checker Module

With the addition of File Checker, Manager can perform a simple file analysis to determine if a file is playable within the system… Read More >>

BXF Interface

The BXF Interface provides functions like BXF Schedule Import via Webservice, BXF Schedule Import as XML files, BXF As-Run Export as XML file… Read More >>

Schedule Importer

Schedule Importer is used to import and/or convert files from third party traffic systems. Playlists are converted into OASYS schedule format… Read More >>


OASYS Player generates an As-Run log created from the actual content that was played. OASYS Logger can be used as a client application to allow remote… Read More >>


Browser provides media file and metadata review and modification on a Windows client PC or on a full SDI server. You can review files and set… Read More >>

Secondary Recording

Playlist items can be set to record and will be captured complete with any secondary items such as audio and graphic overlay. Graphics scheduled on… Read More >>

Sender – Metadata Sender

Create custom triggers for control of Player actions from any network connected workstation. Use Hotkeys to trigger graphics, tally or other similar trigger. Use XML logic to trigger Legal ID’s as required. Read More >>