End of Sale Statement – Polistream 2 Hardware

Screen’s Polistream Black universal hardware series the U4000 were introduced in 2009 as an upgrade from our Polistream “Blue” range and have been in continual service since.

However the U4000 unit is not compatible with the requirements for the latest 64 bit Windows operating systems and its Windows XP Embedded operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft, making it difficult to maintain compatibility with currently available hardware.

In 2016 we introduced the Polistream 3 software range and a new hardware unit the U8000.

The U8000 has improved processing power, running on Windows Server 2012R2 operating system with more RAM and a solid state drive.

As a result of the above, the U4000 product line must now be considered End of Sale and no further quotations or sales will be made from May 2019.

U4000 units under PoliWise Support cover

Customers with any of the above units will continue to be supported and all Screen support contracts for the U4000 (and enclosed cards) will be honored for a minimum period of two years from the above date.

At the time of your annual renewal however we may need to discuss other options such as upgrading your system.

Hardware upgrading options – U8000

Screen recommends upgrading all “Blue” and U4000 based Polistream Black systems to the new U8000 Polistream 3 system.

Please note that it is not possible to upgrade either “Blue” or U4000 units to the U8000 specification, a full replacement is required.

Furthermore, due to changes in the Polistream software, it is necessary to upgrade all of the system at the same time i.e. a complete replacement system, including new software.

We can look at the commercial arrangements for this on a case by case basis and will analyse your current Polistream database(s) to redesign the system using our latest hardware and software modules.

For more information on this end of sale statement, Contact Us.