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BroadStream Adopts Continuous Improvement Strategy

The manufacturing industry latched onto Continuous Improvement as a philosophy three decades ago. Led by the Japanese in the 1980’s, western businesses were

quickly forced to follow suit or fold. Continuous Improvement is now well recognized as a way of working in many industries. Starting from the top, and working down through the organization, there are well tried and established processes that represent good practice.

Despite the fact that the benefits of Continuous Improvement (Lean Operations) are well documented, many companies still either ignore the approach or pay lip service to it. Companies that declare that their employees are their greatest asset do not act like they are and do not empower them to make decisions.

The leadership team at BroadStream Solutions placed so much weight on the decades of learning that has proven so successful that it recruited a couple of very experienced practitioners into its Senior Leadership Team to roll out a plan that is now two years into being. The benefits the Company has seen to-date are both measurable and spectacular.

The Importance of Key Measures

Key measures are defined and based on Quality and Lead Times, and scorecards are determined by our customers. These key measures filter down into specific actions and plans at the individual team level.

Everyone in our organization has the opportunity to make a direct and measurable contribution to improving our Company. Each team establishes its own goals and they celebrate their successes. That way everyone knows whether they did a good job or not.

Continuous Improvement is, by definition, never ending. Not changing means going backwards and that’s unacceptable. BroadStream is proud to be adopting leading edge management techniques to improve service levels for our customers.