BroadStream Media Exchange Integrates PitchBlue and Pathfire

BroadStream is not in the bike business but our latest software module is riding high with customers. At NAB this year we introduced the BroadStream Media Exchange. We refer to it internally as BMX so the bike photo makes some sense now.

BMX is designed to help US Broadcasters save staff time and effort by eliminating the need to manually add the trim in and trim out points or transcode files from PitchBlue and Pathfire because OASYS Integrated Playout can now play these files from Vigor’s PitchBlue® and ExtremeReach™ Pathfire in their native format.

US Broadcasters rely on content providers such as Vigor’s PitchBlue® and the ExtremeReach™ Pathfire system to deliver third-party long-format digital video content such as news and syndicated programming, as well as, news stories, advertising spots and other relevant video content. Stations receive and must process hundreds of hours of content each week and much of this content must be transcoded, manually edited and formatted for playout on each broadcaster’s automation system.

BroadStream identified this as an opportunity to help our commercial customers save time and implement a more streamlined workflow. The result, BroadStream’s Development Team created the BroadStream Media Exchange application for our OASYS Integrated Playout solution. This new application allows broadcasters to easily select files that need to be scheduled, include the metadata that comes with the file, i.e., trim in and trim out points, rename the file to match their Traffic information and go directly to playout and skip the transcoding process because OASYS can play these files in their native .ts format thus reducing the operational hours devoted to prepping and transcoding. 

For more information on the BroadStream Media Exchange application please contact us here.

June 8, 2018