BSS Word Cloud

BroadStream’s World Cloud

In November 2018 we acquired Screen Subtitling Systems in Ipswich, England. Screen and their people share similar values with BroadStream and bring complimentary brands and products into the family. Over the last few months we have worked hard to make sure that internally we actively verbalized, not only the values we share: Integrity, Respect and Be Your Best, but also the Company Vision and our Management Philosophy so both organizations, while separate geographically, work as a single unit.

As part of the BroadStream Family of products and brands that include OASYS, SCREEN and others, we are organized into functional teams around common skills. Our environment empowers everyone in a no fear/no blame culture that fosters teamwork and cooperation with everyone participating and we use Lean Six Sigma principles and tools, like Process Mapping, Standard Work the 5 Why’s, and more.

Lean and Six Sigma are proven methods of improving business efficiency and their principles guide us in our daily activities. Lean focuses on reducing waste, effort and cost, while Six Sigma is about minimizing defects and improving quality. Together, both ensure continuous improvement in our organization, teams, brands, products and solutions to bring added value and ROI to our customers who use our products and to empower their employees and teams to maximize their use of our solutions and embrace continuous improvement in their organizations.

As we moved into 2019 with new excitement and energy, we felt it was time to share our values and management principles with more customers and throughout our industry so others will understand BroadStream is more than OASYS and SCREEN.

At NAB2019 we used a word cloud, graphic to illustrate our values, brands and vision to help customers understand we’re not just about products and features. We take a much broader view of our customer’s business needs and our ability to have a positive impact, not only from the solutions we provide but also the Lean Six Sigma principles we share to help them with continuous improvement and add value to what we do and how it impacts our customers.

The words within the cloud express our values, goals, aspirations, focus and intent. No organization is perfect, and that includes ours, so we use words like Leadership and Excellence as reminders of what we strive for, what we stand for, and how we should conduct ourselves each and every day on this journey.. 

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