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WVIA Praises Workflow Improvements with VoCaption Automated Live Captioning

Duluth, GA, USA – November 08, 2021: PBS station WVIA in Pittston, PA went live recently with BroadStream’s VoCaption Automated Live Captioning Solution.

WVIA operates 3 channels using BroadStream’s OASYS Integrated Playout solution and serves Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Central Susquehanna Valley area. Broadcasting since 1966, WVIA has a long history of service to the community and surrounding area with local programming, educational programming, outreach and services.

In the broadcast world, workflows matter. If there are too many extra steps, friction or points of failure, both stress and anxiety levels ratchet up beyond the normal levels broadcasters face daily. This was especially true for Joe Glynn and his staff at WVIA when live captioning was needed. The amount of live captioning the station needed each week was limited but the work associated with getting live captions on-air was not.

The workflow necessary to launch live captioning each week included having someone call the captioning company to schedule the captioner, provide all the details including date and time of the show, length of the broadcast and arrange for testing prior to the show airing.

An engineer needed to be available at least 15 minutes before the show’s scheduled start to connect the call to the audio bridge and test the outbound audio, which often took a back-seat to microphone checks from the studio. The captioner was required to call-in prior to air to confirm they were available, which didn’t always happen, and connect to the caption encoder so the station could verify that captions would actually appear. If there were issues, those had to be resolved quickly. If the captioner was late it made things much more difficult and stressful and on several occasions shows aired without captions. WVIA viewed the live captioning process as too complicated with too many steps and points of failure and felt there must be a better solution.

To smooth out the workflows and problems associated with live captioning, WVIA selected BroadStream’s VoCaption, Automated Live Caption Solution. Joe Glynn, Chief Technology Officer at WVIA commented, “All of the problems and multiple extra steps necessary to put closed captions on-air for a live show were reduced to one single mouse click with VoCaption.” Glynn continued, “While VoCaption did offer us some cost savings, by far the biggest benefit was we now had full control of the process and no longer depended on an outside, 3rd party provider. This change reduced a previously frustrating and complex workflow to a single mouse click.”

Follow Joe Glynn’s lead. Use VoCaption to reduce your live captioning frustrations from a process that involves multiple steps and people to a single mouse click.  WVIA is saving time and reduced their frustration and anxiety while making things much easier for everyone because they fully control the entire live captioning process.

For more information please visit our website https://broadstreamsol.wpengine.com/vocaption-live/ to learn more about VoCaption or our Contact Us https://broadstreamsol.wpengine.com/contact-us page to arrange a call or demo.



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