BroadStream’s Response to Log4j Vulnerability

BroadStream’s Response to Log4j Vulnerability

Duluth, GA, USA – December 15, 2021: BroadStream is keenly aware of the Log4j vulnerability and the concern that our customers may have. We are committed to ensuring the security and reliability of your BroadStream systems.

When news of this vulnerability surfaced our Team of Engineers and Developers immediately reviewed the code base for all of our products and solutions and we can confirm that this piece of code is not used anywhere in the products or solutions we have developed.

However, it has been detected in the EMS local license creation software provided by Thales and they have confirmed that a patch has already been created and installed on the servers that monitor and control the local EMS license network to eliminate the threat posed by the vulnerability.

If you any further questions regarding this, please contact our Support Team via email at this address: [email protected].

Reference article: Non-technical overview of Log4j 


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