How Do You Make Live Streaming Broadcasts More Consumable?

How do you make live streaming broadcasts more consumable?

We recently partnered with Broadcast Pix, a leader in Live Production and Streaming, and our first collaboration is to make their broadcasts more easily consumable. What do we mean by that? It’s really quite simple…the goal is to make any Live Streaming production easy to understand, regardless of the viewer’s screen, current situation or environment and the way you do that is by adding live captions so no matter where you are you can view and understand what’s going on.

Captions are no longer just for the deaf and hearing impaired. In a 2022 survey of 1,200 people, language learning company, Preply determined that 50% of Americans used subtitles and closed captions the vast majority of time they watched video content. The survey pointed out three key reasons for this:

  1. It’s become harder and harder to understand dialog on the TV. 72% of respondents sited this as one of their main reasons for using captions. Why? Multiple reaons including modern TV’s have the speakers in the back instead of the front, the audio is designed for theatrical use but being streamed as compressed audio to the TV at less quality.
  2. It’s just harder to understand dialog, period. Talking too fast, muddled speech, speaking with an accent, loud background music, too many people talking at once, laugh tracks, sound effects, noisy environments whether you’re at home or out in public. Ever tried to watch a program with a bunch a seven year olds running about?
  3. The third reason has to do with age, devices and environments. The younger generations tend to use phones, tablets and laptops with smaller screens and they also tend to watch programming in more public environments like transit or restaurants but also noise averse engironments like libraries and offices where sound would be frowned upon.

I can think of a few more reasons why captions are important. Think English as a second language, speakers that mumble, speakers that talk too fast, poor acoustics, etc. So back to our collaboration with Broadcast Pix.

Broadcast Pix is integrating VoCaption, BroadStream’s automated live captioning solution directly into the various Broadcast Pix Live Production solutions. This will provde Broadcast Pix users with a seamless, very accurate solution for live captions on every production.

VoCaption uses the most accurate speech engine available today and is offered in over 40 languages and is suitable for use in commercial broadcasting, Government and Public Access, Religious and Educational institutions, and corporate broadcasting.

Want to see more. Join us at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam we’ll be at the RAI in Hall 2, Stand B11 providing live demonstrations of a Broadcast Pix FX Hybrid with VoCaption. You can also check our our other ASR solutions that include WincapsASR, Q-LiveASR and SubCaptioner.

VoCaption is also available integrated with OASYS Integrated Playout and will also be on display at IBC2o23.

New features for OASYS IP and SDI at IBC2023

Our Development Team has devoted significant time and effort into decvelopting new features for OASYS IP and SDI at IBC2023 of the past few months to improve performance, save time for operators and expand our automation features.

Improved CPU Usage
CPU demands are greater with high bandwidth IP streaming and we’ve recently improvee CPU efficiency by 50% for better overall performance in systems with multiple CPU servers.

Loudness normalization
Loudness normalization has become a big regulatory concern in many markets. OASYS can now apply loudness normalisation on-the-fly, for both live contribution and file playout (supports EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 including Dolby Dial norm). This saves the cost of a dedicated separate loudness normalization unit.

Kill dates for assets
The new kill date facility in the OASYS media library allows uers to ensure that programs are not transmitted after their licensed window and that commercials do not air after the campaign expires.

Improved Graphics functions
To improve channel branding, new graphics functions include masking, scaling and stretch effects have been added to make it easier for the user. In addition all graphics changes can now be previewed live.

Improved support for soft segmentation (EDL)
Re-working assets to insert varied black markers for different ad patterns is frustrating and time-consuming. OASYS playout now allows users to use a simple cue sheet as an EDL against longform assets. The same asset can be played out on different channels or schedule slots with different ad-break patterns without the effort of re-working the asset. Modifications in OASYS to support this workflow also include changes to apply the cue sheet changes to the asset prior to the file integrity check and QC functions. Email notification has also been added for QC failures.

New Dolby D and Dolby E support
OASYS now supports pass-through and encode of Dolby D into IP outputs and decode and pass-through of Dolby E for SDI and IP outputs.

Audio Upmix
To improve the viewer’s listening experience further, OASYS can now also generate a 5:1 surround sound mix from a regular stereo soundtrack.

Improved SCTE-35 Triggers
OASYS can now embed multiple metadata items in each SCTE-35 packet – allowing separate targeting of downstream events (e.g. for different regions).

Automatic Aspect Ratio Control
OASYS playout can now dynamically set the aspect ratio based on AFD information in the ancillary data of an asset or sidecar XML, saving users the time needed to do this manually and avoiding the risk of getting it wrong.

View all incoming audio tracks in single UI in Maker
The user can now see all incoming audio tracks on a single page and no longer needs to navigate to multiple pages. Saves time and makes the operator more productive.

Multi-Channel Web Client
Live prepared preview is now available in Multi-Channel Web Client. Before, this was only available via the desktop application.




BroadStream announces new features for OASYS Integrated Playout

NAB Show 2023 Recap

Our team had a great time at NAB2023!

This year, our team headed back to the NAB Show in Las Vegas to meet with customers, resellers, and partners to showcase our new line of ASR products as well as the new features recently added to OASYS Integrated Playout.

If you weren’t able to attend the event this year, here’s a quick recap of what our team demo’d on the showroom floor:

WincapsASR: WincapsASR is a file-based, on-premise captioning software that uses ASR technology to easily convert audio to text. When partnered with a professional caption editing software such as WincapsQ4, Wincaps can help broadcasters improve productivity by over 30%. Professional captioners no longer take on the role of both caption creation and editing. With WincapsASR, the ASR technology handles the caption creation so that humans edit and monitor for quality control. Features such as intelligent caption segmentation, custom dictionaries, and substitution lists also help to make the editing workflow easier. Media files stay on-premise or in a private cloud for full file security.

Q-LiveASR: Our newest, hybrid live captioning software seeks to take the pressure off of live captioners and make creating captions for live/news programming simpler and quicker. Q-LiveASR combines ASR technology with professional editing software in a system that can be easily installed on-premise or through a private cloud. Files are kept secure and users control ASR activation and selection. ASR takes the main active input while subtitlers take a break, buffer ASR to allow for quick corrections, and override ASR via manual or apology captioning if needed.

VoCaption LiveOur fully automated live captioning software, VoCaption, has been updated and improved to better support live captioning. With VoCaption, broadcasters can easily convert program audio to text with just the click of a button. Custom vocabulary tools, alternate word lists, and profanity filters help to improve accuracy. There are no scheduling issues and no need to pay for a full hour of labor when only a few minutes of captioning are needed.

PolistreamPolistream is known globally for being the most flexible captioning and subtitling encoder and transmission system on the market. By utilizing an array of software modules and internal cards we are able to create a subtitle transmission system that meets users exact requirements now and into the future. Our team is constantly updating the Polistream hardware and software to meet our customer’s changing needs.

OASYS Integrated Playout: Our new OASYS end-to-end compressed IP playout software was an important focus this year. Our team showed broadcasters around the world how OASYS can easily integrate into their system to help them run their channels more efficiently. With compressed end-to-end IP broadcasters can ensure that their station is set up to run smoothly into the future as their station and technology grows.

SubCaptioner Online PortalSubCaptioner is an online transcription service that converts audio to text, automatically, for only $0.25/minute. At this price, users receive a TXT, WebVTT and a SRT file! Files are converted in just minutes by our innovative ASR technology that takes the manual labor out of creating transcriptions and captions. Create an account on to get started. Once you’ve uploaded your first media file, use the code NAB2023 to receive 50% off at checkout.

If you’re interested in scheduling an online demo with our team, visit our contact page.

End of Life Notification on BroadStream Hardware & Software Products

The purpose of this notice is to inform BroadStream/Screen customers that certain hardware, components, and software are at end-of-life (EOL) and can no longer be supported for various reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Replacement parts that are no longer available.
  • Hardware platforms and configurations that have been discontinued by the original manufacturer in lieu of new, improved products.
  • Software that is no longer backward compatible to older hardware.
  • Newer technology that is not compatible.


If you currently have any of the platforms, components or software listed in this notice, please be aware that support for these products will end April 30, 2024.

Renewal notices will continue to be sent out 90 days in advance of your renewal anniversary, but as the months progress, renewal contracts for EOL items will not include 12-month support but be prorated with coverage ending April 2024.

This support plan should provide you with adequate time to plan, budget, and prepare for replacement and avoid any potential on-air problems that may occur due to the age of these items.

Please keep in mind that the global supply chain for technology is still uncertain and lead times are much longer, so we encourage you to act now to avoid any potential problems as these items age out.


Please take the following steps to avoid product or on-air failures:

  1. Determine if any items, from this list, are operational in your facility.
  2. Contact BroadStream Support ([email protected]) or your Sales Director ([email protected]) to request a budgetary proposal to upgrade your facility as soon as possible, and avoid any potential downtime.

Thank you for choosing BroadStream/Screen as your playout and subtitling provider. We value your trust and look forward to supporting your needs into the future and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause as our industry continues to migrate to newer, better solutions.

The complete list of EOL items is listed below:


Item Description
Poliscript 3000 Authoring and QC software for PAC subtitle files
Poliscript 3000 SV3 As above with Software Video Caching capability
MediaMate Enterprise MediaMate within Polistream
Hardware Description
P5000 Server Platform for running Configuration
P4000 Platform for running software modules and Interfaces
A1001 Single ASI Input Unit
A1002 Dual ASI Input Unit
A1004 Four ASI Input Unit
A4001 ASI Single Input and Twin Output Unit
A4002 ASI Dual Input and Twin Output Unit
CC-P4000 Content Control Edit Station
G3000 Digital Graphics Subtitle Inserter
T3000 SDI VBI Inserter
G5000-2U HD-SDI Graphics Generator.
U4000 Polistream Server
CC-U4000 Content Control Edit Station
GPIO Card General Purpose Inputs (8) and Outputs (8) card.
Dazzle/GFX USB Composite Video Input device
Ge Force 210 Graphics Card
HDTC-1 Card Single Channel HD-SDI timecode Card
LTC-1 Card Single Channel LTC Timecode Card
ASI-2 Card Two Input, Two Output ASI Card
UHD-2 Card Dual channel SDI capture card
VANC-1 Card Single Channel HD-SDI Input Card
VANC-2 Card Dual Channel HD-SDI Input Card
VBI-2 Two Channel VBI Input Card
VBI-ASI -1 Single Channel VBI Input Card

About BroadStream Solutions

BroadStream Solutions ( acquired Screen Subtitling Systems in 2018 and specializes in the playout of linear television channels, Live Automated Captioning, automated File-based captioning and Subtitling tools for broadcasters, networks, cable, and satellite operations, as well as non-broadcast applications, around the globe. Our expertise is focused on developing solutions that are software-based and consistently deliver flexibility, dependability, improved workflows, operational efficiency and reliability for our clients and customers.

Meet with us at Broadcast India – 2022

Our team is heading to Broadcast India 2022 and we would love to see you there!

This year, we’ll be partnering with Cineom to showcase our products and new updates. Stop by and see us at booth E3, or schedule a meeting with our VP of sales, Shelinder Sachdeva, using the form below.

We look forward to seeing you in Mumbai!

Broadcast India - 2022

Appointment Request

Please advise the topic for our meeting and indicate a few times you are available. Our team will contact you to firm up the details.

Meet with us at IBC 2022!

Come and meet with our team at IBC 2022!

Our team is excited to be a part of IBC 2022. If you would like to schedule a meeting with us, please fill out the following form and let us know a few days and times that you are available. 

IBC 2022

Appointment Request

Please advise the topic for our meeting and indicate a few times you are available. Our team will contact you to firm up the details.

NEW English-to-Spanish Subtitle Translation Services

We’re excited to introduce our new English-to-Spanish translation service to provide Spanish subtitle translations for your video content.

Our Spanish captioning service translates English captions to Spanish with high-accuracy and fast turnaround times, starting at just $1.67 per minute. Get a free quote today to get started!

Our English to Spanish Subtitling Services:

Using the most advanced ASR technology combined with professional translators, our team creates highly accurate Spanish subtitles for English videos. Our solution uses both ASR technology and professional translator/editors to improve efficiency, maintain high accuracy and keep prices low.

For just $1.67 per minute of video content, you’ll receive a Spanish caption file AND a Spanish transcript file. Other companies charge extra for a translated transcript file, but we don’t. We give you the transcription file and the caption file for only $1.67 per minute.

To get Spanish subtitles for your English video content:

Complete the form below. Indicate how much content you have and we’ll provide an accurate quote and turnaround estimate.


Once you receive your quote, you’ll be prompted to make a payment and upload your files. Our team will begin translating your files right away and send them back to you along with a translated transcription file for each video.

Learn more about our English-Spanish subtitle translation services, as well as our other captioning and subtitling services here:

Interested in our other captioning solutions?

Captioning Solutions for Broadcasters:

For over 60 years, we’ve been providing captioning and subtitling solutions for broadcasters to help improve their workflow. Check out our VoCaption Live software to add live captions to your live broadcasts. Our WinCaps software is another great captioning solution for broadcasters to help them edit and create captions for their programs as well add live captions when combined with respeakers.

Captioning Solutions for Freelancers:

Freelance captioners all of the world use our WinCaps software to easily create and edit captions. We’ve developed multiple versions of WinCaps, such as WinCaps Q4, Poliscript, and WinCaps for Academic Institutions to provide the perfect solution for each industry.

Contact our team directly to learn more about our captioning and subtitling solutions.

How VoCaption Cut WVIA’s Live Program Workflow from Aggravation to a Single Mouse Click

WVIA, a PBS station operating 3 channels in Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Central Susquehanna Valley, has been using BroadStream’s OASYS Integrated Playout solution and recently added VoCaption, our Automated Speech Recognition solution for live, automated captioning.

Joe Glynn and his staff at WVIA have been providing live captions on a limited basis, but getting live captions on-air took too many steps and had multiple points of failure which increased both stress and anxiety levels beyond what the team needed.

The workflow necessary to launch live captioning each week included having someone call the captioning company to schedule the captioner, provide all the details including date and time of the show, length of the broadcast and arrange for testing prior to the show airing.

On the day of the show an engineer needed to be available at least 15 minutes before the show’s scheduled start to connect the call to the audio bridge and test the outbound audio, which often took a back-seat to microphone checks from the studio. The captioner was required to call-in prior to air to confirm they were available, which didn’t always happen, and connect to the caption encoder so the station could verify that captions would actually appear. If there were issues, those had to be resolved quickly. If the captioner was late, it made things much more difficult and stressful and on several occasions shows aired without captions. WVIA felt the live captioning process was too complicated with too many steps and points of failure and felt there must be a better solution.

Looking to resolve the issues associated with live captioning Joe decided to look at VoCaption to see if automation would help smooth things out. Accuracy was, of course, a concern, but if VoCaption was anywhere close to their current accuracy level it would be worth it to make the switch.

The installation and commissioning hit a few bumps along the way but they were resolved and after a few tests WVIA formally selected BroadStream’s VoCaption, Automated Live Caption Solution.

Joe Glynn, Chief Technology Officer at WVIA commented, “All of the problems and multiple extra steps necessary to put closed captions on-air for a live show were reduced to one single mouse click with VoCaption.” Glynn continued, “While VoCaption did offer us some cost savings, by far the biggest benefit was we now had full control of the process and no longer depended on an outside, 3rd party provider. This change reduced a previously frustrating and complex workflow to a single mouse click.”

With VoCaption, WVIA is saving time, reducing frustration, and improving their workflow by fully controlling their entire live captioning process. Follow Joe Glynn’s lead and install VoCaption to reduce your live captioning frustrations and simplify the process to a single mouse click.

For more information please visit our website to learn more about VoCaption or our Contact Us page to arrange a call or demo.


BroadStream’s Response to Log4j Vulnerability

BroadStream’s Response to Log4j Vulnerability

Duluth, GA, USA – December 15, 2021: BroadStream is keenly aware of the Log4j vulnerability and the concern that our customers may have. We are committed to ensuring the security and reliability of your BroadStream systems.

When news of this vulnerability surfaced our Team of Engineers and Developers immediately reviewed the code base for all of our products and solutions and we can confirm that this piece of code is not used anywhere in the products or solutions we have developed.

However, it has been detected in the EMS local license creation software provided by Thales and they have confirmed that a patch has already been created and installed on the servers that monitor and control the local EMS license network to eliminate the threat posed by the vulnerability.

If you any further questions regarding this, please contact our Support Team via email at this address: [email protected].

Reference article: Non-technical overview of Log4j 


About BroadStream Solutions

BroadStream Solutions ( acquired Screen Subtitling Systems in 2018 and specializes in the playout of linear television channels, Live Automated Captioning, automated File-based captioning and Subtitling tools for broadcasters, networks, cable, and satellite operations, as well as non-broadcast applications, around the globe. Our expertise is focused on developing solutions that are software-based and consistently deliver flexibility, dependability, improved workflows, operational efficiency and reliability for our clients and customers.