WRAL uses OASYS for 24/7 OTT channel WRAL News+

WRAL uses OASYS for 24/7 OTT channel WRAL News+. OTT (over-the-top) refers to media services that are separate from the over the air broadcast and  stream directly to viewers via the Internet. This is becoming a very popular service with viewers as they can access the stream from any device. This convenience means more and more consumers are looking for OTT content which allows them to watch what they want at any time and on any device, instead of the traditional linear TV where consumers have to adhere to scheduled programming on their television.

OASYS customer, WRAL, have dedicated one of their their OASYS Players to deliver a new multi-input OTT channel called WRAL News+. (WRAL is a Raleigh, North Carolina based television station serving as the NBC affiliate for the Research Triangle Area and part of Capital Broadcasting Company, Inc.).

This new OTT channel allows WRAL viewers to access live content, such as weather reports and live traffic announcements, directly from the WRAL website. This convenient access to live content benefits not only the viewers but also the station, who can now stream important news coverage to more viewers.

See their OTT channel in action below! 

Here’s how OASYS allows users to stream an OTT channel:

An OTT channel can be created using a single channel of OASYS with multiple live inputs. These  can be weather, traffic, sports or other live inputs. Using the flexibility of OASYS’ Graphics Extension package, these live inputs are integrated along with options like squeeze and crawl.

Creating a playlist incorporates all the live inputs for a 24/7 stream with a graphic showing all of the streaming options. In WRAL’s configuraton, the SDI output produced by OASYS is routed to various encoders to produce the IP streaming options needed.

OASYS is a flexible integrated playout software that can be configured to fit virtually any broadcast requirement. To learn how your station can use OASYS to create OTT channels, reach out to our team via our contact page!