VoCaption Integrates with Broadcast Pix

VoCaption Integrates with Broadcast Pix!

Since 2023, BroadStream Solutions has partnered with Broadcast Pix to create powerful solutions for the audio/visual market.

The latest announcement from this partnership brings live captions to Broadcast Pix customers via BroadStream’s live captioning solution: VoCaption.

VoCaption live captioning is now fully integrated in to Broadcast Pix’s line of Hybrid live video production systems to allow users to stop and start live captions with just the click of a button directly within their Broadcast Pix interface. This new integration leverages the power of VoCaption’s ASR (automatic speech recognition) technology with Broadcast Pix’s integrated live production solutions to create an all-in-one system where users can record, caption, and stream their live content.

Broadcast Pix Hybrid systems now feature this groundbreaking capability, empowering users to generate live, accurate captions effortlessly with just one click. This integration signifies a significant advancement in live streaming production technology, allowing users to utilize ASR software directly within their system without relying on third-party platforms.

Key VoCaption Integration Highlights:

  1. Ease of Use: VoCaption seamlessly integrates into Broadcast Pix Hybrid systems. This new integration  empowers users to quick and easily generate live, accurate captions automatically with the click of one button. This feature eliminates the need for third-party platforms, allowing users to utilize ASR software directly within their system.
  2. Enhanced Accuracy: VoCaption achieves an impressive accuracy rate of over 90-95%, surpassing the typical 80% accuracy of online streaming platforms. Users can further enhance accuracy with features like the custom dictionary, ensuring precise and reliable captions even in challenging audio environments.
  3. Video Content Optimization: VoCaption includes Automatic EBU Timed Text File Creation, enabling the automatic generation of EBU Timed Text (EBU-TT) files for various functions such as subtitle production, archiving, and live subtitling. Additionally, adding captions to videos enhances their SEO ranking, improving accessibility and audience reach.

VoCaption is sold as an additional feature to Broadcast Pix’s line of hybrid integrated production solutions. Customers who choose to enhance the capabilities of their system can also easily manage the processing minutes needed.

To learn more about VoCaption’s integration with Broadcast Pix’s line of solutions visit their website.

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