Why Do Our Customers Recommend OASYS Integrated Playout?

Why do our customers recommend OASYS Integrated Playout?

There are several reasons our customers love us and here’s what they say:

1. OASYS has given their station engineers peace-of-mind in a software solution that’s reliable and efficient.

2. OASYS combines multiple processes into one, meaning broadcasters save themselves the headaches of working with various vendors and support contracts. Everything works together seamlessly in an efficient process that removes unnecessary third-parties.

3. Our support team has a reputation for being available around-the-clock to help clients make changes and fix problems immediately. A great support team behind the software helps our customers feel confident that someone has their back.

4. The software is flexible. As your station grows and your needs change, OASYS can be easily reconfigured or expanded to meet your new requirements. Need to add a channel? No problem. Want to step up your graphics game? OASYS’ Graphics package can assist with dynamically updated graphics for news, sports, weather or other situations. Need to begin providing live closed captioning that fits your workflow and costs less than human captioners with similar accuracy?

Don’t just take our word for it. Read our customer’s testimonies to see why our customers recommend OASYS Integrated Playout as well.

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