BroadStream Announces SubCaptioner, a New Automated Service for File-Based Transcriptions & Captions

Duluth, GA USA –  28 March 2023 – Integrated playout specialist, BroadStream Solutions, has launched SubCaptioner, a new online portal for automated transcripts, captions, subtitles and translation for file-based audio and video content. For the low price of $0.25 per minute, users can upload their audio or video files and receive a TXT, SRT and WebVTT file within minutes. Media files are processed by a faster than real-time speech engine that uses the latest in ASR technology to convert audio-to-text both accurately and quickly.

The fast-evolving maturity of ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) driven by AI and related break-through software has produced a new alternative to human generated transcripts, captions and subtitles that are faster, more accurate and more cost-effective than previously available options.

Depending on the audio quality and speech clarity of a user’s file, the accuracy output of ASR is very often in the high 90% range. Due to its speed and accuracy, this technology is perfect for users that need a quick project turnaround such as content creators, social media influencers, educators, videographers, and small business marketers. Those looking for perfect 100% accuracy in their caption and transcription files can use SubCaptioner as a creation tool that allows them to simply focus on editing and quality control.

“After combining both Screen Systems and BroadStream Engineering and Development teams together under one umbrella brand our teams have been hard at work on new products,” said David Bowes, BroadStream’s CEO/Owner. “VoCaption was recently launched to provide automated, live captioning and subtitling to our broadcast customers. SubCaptioner is our first managed services launch and focuses on providing captions and subtitles as a managed service to provide our customers with solutions to cover their subtitling and captioning needs from end-to-end at a significant cost savings.”

As with VoCaption, BroadStream’s Engineering Team is incorporating ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) in the form of a speech-to-text processing engine in SubCaptioner to create an automated solution that can be used to provide captions, subtitles and transcriptions for file-based content at only $0.25 cents per minute.

As the industry experiences a decrease in the number of qualified captioners and transcriptionists, ASR-based services will continue to grow in popularity. ASR technology is also constantly improving to meet the gap where humans fall short.

Users interested in combining ASR technology with their current human workforce can see cost and time-saving benefits. Creating subtitles, captions, and transcriptions with ASR technology allows human captioners and transcriptionists to work as editors and managers with better efficiency. As demand for subtitles and captions increases across all platforms, ASR technology allows human captions to caption more content with greater quality and productivity.

SubCaptioner is also a valuable tool for educational institutions that have experienced an increase in online classes since the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditional educational institutions and online educators across all grade levels can utilize ASR-driven captions and transcriptions to improve the comprehension, retention, and overall educational experience of their students.

“We’ve watched ASR technology improve dramatically over the last few years and find it to be on a par with human-based subtitling in a live application and think it makes perfect sense to expand this technology to include file-based video content,” according to Chuck Jones”, BroadStream’s Chief Marketing Officer. What’s next? Be on the look-out for ASR based machine translations, coming soon.

To celebrate being back at NAB, SubCaptioner is offering a 50% discount to all new users. Stop by BroadStream’s booth, C2424, in the Central Hall to pick up a coupon with the discount code.

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