BroadStream Announces Q-LiveASR and WincapsASR



BroadStream Announces Q-LiveASR and WincapsASR, New Automated Speech Recognition Solutions for Live and File Based Subtitling with Human Intervention for Quality Control 

Duluth, GA USA –  12 April 2023 – Integrated Playout and subtitling specialist, BroadStream Solutions, announces the launch of two new, ASR driven captioning solutions, WincapsASR and Q-LiveASR, that are designed to transform the way broadcasters create captions and subtitles for file-based and live programs. These two solutions utilize innovative ASR technology to improve captioning workflows and deliver up to a 30% increase in productivity.  

Instead of a human taking on all of the responsibility of creating and editing captions, ASR delivers the creation step so that human captioners can focus on efficiently editing and reviewing caption quality.  

The fast-evolving maturity of ASR, Automated Speech Recognition, driven by AI comes at the perfect moment when qualified human captioners and transcriptionists are in short supply and ASR technology can effectively fill the void with new more efficient workflows and improvements in productivity. 

By integrating ASR technology with Wincaps and Q-Live, BroadStream is able to take the best of ASR and combine it with human editing and correction to improve accuracy while also improving the speed and productivity of professional subtitlers. 

Depending on audio quality and speech clarity, the accuracy of ASR is very often in the high 90% range making this technology perfect for organizations that need quick turnaround. The integration of Wincaps and Q-Live enables professional subtitlers to quickly make edits and corrections even in “live” applications.  

“After combining Screen and BroadStream engineering teams together we have been hard at work on new products,” said David Bowes, BroadStream’s CEO/Owner. “VoCaption was recently launched to provide automated, live captioning for our broadcast customers. SubCaptioner is our first on-line services launch and provides highly accurate automated captions and transcriptions for our customers at 25 cents per minute which is a significant cost savings versus traditional options.”  

“With WincapsASR and Q-LiveASR we have integrated two of our well-known legacy products and created more modern workflows that enable professionals subtitlers to improve their productivity by up to 30%.” Bowes added. 

Available for on-premises or private cloud implementations, WincapsASR and Q-LiveASR are uniquely suited for enterprise customers who need quick turnaround, high accuracy and program security. 

For more information on WincapsASR and Q-LiveASR visit BroadStream at NAB Booth C2424 in the Central Hall or Contact Us directly. 


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