Introducing our new partnership with Broadcast Pix

BroadStream Solutions is happy to announce our newest partnership with Broadcast Pix, a global company that offers integrated production solutions for live video production and streaming.

The partnership between BroadStream Solutions and Broadcast Pix officially began in May 2023 and both teams are currently working together to integrate BroadStream’s live captioning software into Broadcast Pix’s live streaming software. By integrating these two solutions, customers will be able to create, caption, and stream live video all in one place with one easy-to-use audio-visual solution.


Broadcast Pix has over 20 years of experience in the audio-visual space creating integrated production switchers as well as cloud-based solutions for media management, collaboration, and distribution. They recently updated their line of integrated production solutions to provide customers with the most user-friendly, easy-to-install, and flexible 4K live production system available today. With over 5,000 installations in more than 100 countries, Broadcast Pix is an innovative company that provides customers with easy-to-use solutions backed by feature-rich capabilities and future-proof technology.

With this new partnership, both businesses hope to create a better range of audio-visual solutions for customers both inside the broadcast industry and outside of the broadcast industry. Customers will have the opportunity to live stream their content with Broadcast Pix’s new ‘Hybrid Series’ of user-friendly, easy-to-install, and flexible 4K live production solutions that come integrated with BroadStream’s powerful and accurate live captioning software to create live captions at the click of a button.

Our team is excited to work together with Broadcast Pix to offer our advanced solutions to a wider market. To learn more about Broadcast Pix and their new Hybrid Series of integrated production solutions, visit their website here.