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Our Development Team has devoted significant time and effort into decvelopting new features for OASYS IP and SDI at CABSAT 2024 of the past few months to improve performance, save time for operators and expand our automation features.

Improved CPU Usage
CPU demands are greater with high bandwidth IP streaming and we’ve recently improvee CPU efficiency by 50% for better overall performance in systems with multiple CPU servers.

Loudness normalization
Loudness normalization has become a big regulatory concern in many markets. OASYS can now apply loudness normalisation on-the-fly, for both live contribution and file playout (supports EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 including Dolby Dial norm). This saves the cost of a dedicated separate loudness normalization unit.

Kill dates for assets
The new kill date facility in the OASYS media library allows uers to ensure that programs are not transmitted after their licensed window and that commercials do not air after the campaign expires.

Improved Graphics functions
To improve channel branding, new graphics functions include masking, scaling and stretch effects have been added to make it easier for the user. In addition all graphics changes can now be previewed live.

Improved support for soft segmentation (EDL)
Re-working assets to insert varied black markers for different ad patterns is frustrating and time-consuming. OASYS playout now allows users to use a simple cue sheet as an EDL against longform assets. The same asset can be played out on different channels or schedule slots with different ad-break patterns without the effort of re-working the asset. Modifications in OASYS to support this workflow also include changes to apply the cue sheet changes to the asset prior to the file integrity check and QC functions. Email notification has also been added for QC failures.

New Dolby D and Dolby E support
OASYS now supports pass-through and encode of Dolby D into IP outputs and decode and pass-through of Dolby E for SDI and IP outputs.

Audio Upmix
To improve the viewer’s listening experience further, OASYS can now also generate a 5:1 surround sound mix from a regular stereo soundtrack.

Improved SCTE-35 Triggers
OASYS can now embed multiple metadata items in each SCTE-35 packet – allowing separate targeting of downstream events (e.g. for different regions).

Automatic Aspect Ratio Control
OASYS playout can now dynamically set the aspect ratio based on AFD information in the ancillary data of an asset or sidecar XML, saving users the time needed to do this manually and avoiding the risk of getting it wrong.

View all incoming audio tracks in single UI in Maker
The user can now see all incoming audio tracks on a single page and no longer needs to navigate to multiple pages. Saves time and makes the operator more productive.

Multi-Channel Web Client
Live prepared preview is now available in Multi-Channel Web Client. Before, this was only available via the desktop application.