NEW English-to-Spanish Subtitle Translation Services

We’re excited to introduce our new English-to-Spanish translation service to provide Spanish subtitle translations for your video content.

Our Spanish captioning service translates English captions to Spanish with high-accuracy and fast turnaround times, starting at just $1.67 per minute. Get a free quote today to get started!

Our English to Spanish Subtitling Services:

Using the most advanced ASR technology combined with professional translators, our team creates highly accurate Spanish subtitles for English videos. Our solution uses both ASR technology and professional translator/editors to improve efficiency, maintain high accuracy and keep prices low.

For just $1.67 per minute of video content, you’ll receive a Spanish caption file AND a Spanish transcript file. Other companies charge extra for a translated transcript file, but we don’t. We give you the transcription file and the caption file for only $1.67 per minute.

To get Spanish subtitles for your English video content:

Complete the form below. Indicate how much content you have and we’ll provide an accurate quote and turnaround estimate.


Once you receive your quote, you’ll be prompted to make a payment and upload your files. Our team will begin translating your files right away and send them back to you along with a translated transcription file for each video.

Learn more about our English-Spanish subtitle translation services, as well as our other captioning and subtitling services here:

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Captioning Solutions for Broadcasters:

For over 60 years, we’ve been providing captioning and subtitling solutions for broadcasters to help improve their workflow. Check out our VoCaption Live software to add live captions to your live broadcasts. Our WinCaps software is another great captioning solution for broadcasters to help them edit and create captions for their programs as well add live captions when combined with respeakers.

Captioning Solutions for Freelancers:

Freelance captioners all of the world use our WinCaps software to easily create and edit captions. We’ve developed multiple versions of WinCaps, such as WinCaps Q4, Poliscript, and WinCaps for Academic Institutions to provide the perfect solution for each industry.

Contact our team directly to learn more about our captioning and subtitling solutions.