BroadStream Promotes Shelinder Sachdeva to VP of Sales for South Asia and the Middle East

Duluth, GA USA –  25 June 2020 – Integrated playout and subtitling specialist, BroadStream Solutions, announced today that Shelinder Sachdeva has been promoted to handle a new role, to expand the Company’s business and operations in the Middle East, reporting to CEO, David Bowes.

“Shelinder Sachdeva, performed an excellent job of expanding the business and operations for BroadStream Solutions in South Asia while maintaining the brand’s industry leadership position,” said CEO, David Bowes.

His extensive background in playout automation software sales and deep understanding of BroadStream and our OASYS Integrated Playout solution and services, has helped BroadStream gain a significant market position in the region. We congratulate Shelinder on his new position and responsibilities, and are confident that his expertise will continue to help BroadStream expand our product portfolio and business in the Middle East for years to come.



BroadStream Contact:
Chuck Jones, CMO
BroadStream Solutions, Inc
[email protected]


About BroadStream

BroadStream ( specializes in flexible, highly scalable solutions for integrated playout, live automated captioning & subtitling, file-based captioning & subtitling, caption encoding and subtitling software tools. Our OASYS Integrated Playout solution is used world-wide by broadcasters from single channel operators to operations scaling from 3 – 12 channels and service providers with 50+ channels. OASYS delivers on Content Preparation, Playout and Management to improve workflow efficiency for broadcasters at every level. Solutions are available in SD, HD, and IP as well as SD/HD-SDI and SDI/IP hybrid playout configurations to provide a solid migration path to future technologies, including cloud implementations.

In 2018, BroadStream acquired Screen Subtitling Systems in the UK. Screen specializes in products for the preparation and delivery of captions, subtitles and value-add information services across multiple platforms and devices. With Screen we recently introduced VoCaption, a new AI-based, automated live captioning and subtitling solution to provide highly accurate subtitles for live programming, breaking news, emergency subtitling and more.

Broadcast Control Room

OASYS Integrated Playout with Live Captioning and Subtitling

With the acquisition of Screen Subtitling Systems, BroadStream is capitalizing on Screen’s captioning and subtitling expertise with new, value-added integrations that combine OASYS Integrated Playout with Polistream and VoCaption.


VoCaption is BroadStream’s new, AI-based, speech-to-text solution that provides broadcasters with an accurate and lower-cost, live captioning alternative to human captioning. VoCaption is ideal for captioning live news, breaking news, remote field reports, sports, weather and other events like church services or local special interest programs, as well as, occasional file-based events.

We include an easy-to-use Custom Dictionary so users can easily pre-load local and regional words, phrases and geographical terms plus unique names so there’s no waiting for the system to learn. You can teach it and benefit from increased accuracy right from the start at a fraction of the cost. There is also an Alternate Words Dictionary that can be used to swap out words that you don’t want to go to air or words that need to be capitalized as an example. Much of this work can be done during commissioning so the system becomes much more accurate from first air date.

What about accuracy? Five to ten years ago, AI based systems were in their infancy and accuracy was not very good. But over the last 5+ years we’ve seen accuracy improve dramatically along with significant increases in machine speed and power that combine to provide much greater accuracy with reduce latency and this trend will continue.


Polistream is a closed captioning encoder available as a 1RU solution or software only integrated into OASYS. The combination of both Polistream and VoCaption provides live closed captioning and caption encoding within OASYS for a streamlined, all-encompassing playout solution that runs on cost-effective COTS hardware with no special purpose devices.


OASYS Integrated Playout is a modular playout solution designed to streamline media ingest, preparation, and management, along with playlist creation, switching, channel playout, advanced dynamic graphics, secondary recording, time delay, archiving and logging in a solution that is agile, flexible and fully scalable for any sized broadcast facility.

VoCaption Diagram

With the addition of Polistream and VoCaption, OASYS can be triggered manually, by pre-scheduled triggers or in emergency mode to caption on-the-fly if it detects the lack of captions in the live signal to protect you from unwanted fines or angry viewer complaints.

The combination of OASYS, Polistream and VoCaption eliminates several pieces of hardware and replaces them with software designed to work together to provide a more efficient system that has fewer potential points of failure and much improved automation capabilities that can eliminate programs without captions or subtitles and save you significant money versus human captioners.

For more details, click the links above for each solution. If you need specifics including a quote or demonstration please visit our Contact Us page and our team will be respond to provide whatever you need.