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NEW English-to-Spanish Subtitle Translation Services

We’re excited to introduce our new English-to-Spanish translation service to provide Spanish subtitle translations for your video content. Our Spanish captioning service translates English captions to Spanish with high-accuracy and fast turnaround times, starting at just $1.67 per minute. Get a free quote today to get started! Our English to Spanish Subtitling Services: Using the […]

How Broadcasters Can Find Peace of Mind

We’ve been helping Bob, and many other broadcasters around the world, to find peace of mind in their playout systems. Bob had a similar problem to many other broadcasters: he was constantly stressed about how he could do more with fewer operators, constantly concerned that his playout and captioning solutions would crash from on-going problems, […]

Do company training videos have to be captioned?

Many companies use video to provide training to their employees. Topics range from new employee on-boarding to workplace conduct and safety procedures. Video can also be used for continuous training to ensure that employees are up-to-date on the latest policies and procedures as well as product and service related information needed for customer interactions. Using […]

What is ‘Respeaking’?

Respeaking is a common method used to create captions and subtitles in many countries…but what does it mean? Respeaking is done by a professional “respeaker” to create captions or subtitles for live and pre-recorded programming. The respeaker listens to the program’s audio and repeats what is said into a special microphone (a.k.a speech silencer), being […]

FCC vs. ADA Caption Requirements

Are your videos in compliance with FCC and ADA requirements? Both the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) strive to protect and assist individuals with disabilities. This includes individuals who are hard-of-hearing and their rights to have full access to video programming. To ensure access to video programming, the FCC […]

Why Do Our Customers Recommend OASYS Integrated Playout?

Why do our customers recommend OASYS Integrated Playout? There are several reasons our customers love us and here’s what they say: 1. OASYS has given their station engineers peace-of-mind in a software solution that’s reliable and efficient. 2. OASYS combines multiple processes into one, meaning broadcasters save themselves the headaches of working with various vendors […]

Guide to adding captions to online courses and eLearning Videos

Now, more than ever, online learning courses are a crucial component of school courses. After the COVID-19 pandemic, learning institutions have been challenged to make their courses and learning materials more accessible online should their students need to stay home instead of coming to the classroom. From university professors to elementary school teachers, everyone is […]

Captions vs. Subtitles

What’s the difference between captions and subtitles? Many people confuse captions and subtitles. They both appear as text on a television, computer screen or mobile phone while a video is playing, and help individuals understand the speech better. So what is the actual difference between the two? The basic difference is captions are in the […]

The Importance of Workflow in Broadcast Media

In the broadcast world the process necessary to take a program and broadcast it to viewers can be quite complicated. Lots of things can go wrong. Video tape is no longer used and has been replaced by digital video which, in the beginning made things more complicated for broadcasters. Things like video file format, audio, […]